Title I Family Engagement

Welcome to our Parkwood Family! 

Parkwood Elementary is committed to helping our parents and families. We are excited to provide a variety of academic events throughout the year to promote learning and community.

Parkwood's Family Engagement Coordinator, Tracey Callahan, is available to assist you in any way.   Please call or email her if you need assistance, have questions, or want information on ways to help your child. 

Tracey Callahan

tracey.callahan@hcbe.net   (478) 210-8019        (M thru F 7:45-4:00)


Parkwood Elementary believes that Family Engagement means the participation of parents in regular, two-way, and meaningful communication involving student academic learning and other school activities.

Parkwood Elementary and our school district have adopted the National Network of Partnership Schools (NNPS) for Family-School Partnerships as the school’s model in engaging parents, students, and the community. These standards are –

1.       Parenting
2.       Communicating
3.       Volunteering
4.       Learning at Home
5.       Decision Making
6.       Collaborating with Community

Parkwood Elementary invites all parents to share ideas and ways to involve other parents to build partnerships with school, families, and the community.  parents can also submit their ideas or suggestions during all activities and meetings as well as through our parent surveys and website.

"Be the change that makes a difference!" 


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2023 SDM Meeting

Voices for the Vision
Click the link below to access our Shared Decision Making  Meeting  and give Parkwood your feedback..

2023-2024 Title 1 Documents

Parkwood Elementary School encourages parents/guardians and family members to follow us on social media (Facebook), connect with teachers using Classroom Dojo, and give their input/feedback regarding Decision Making through Parent Meetings, surveys, and feedback forms.

All parents/guardians are members of Parkwood's Parent Action Team

Parkwood and Parents will meet on Wednesday September 27, 2023 @4:30pm

Let's meet to discuss all things Parkwood!! 

We look forward to seeing our parents!

Your feedback is always important to us.Email Link

Use the link below anytime to give feedback.



September 27, 2023  @4:30pm
September 27, 2023  @4:30pm
September 27, 2023  @4:30pm
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